Civil Grand Jury Response: STAR Court

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 7/9/2013


The Board will consider concurrence and adoption of response to 2012-2013 Marin County Civil Grand Jury Report titled "STAR Court: A Restorative Justice Success Story" (May 10, 2013). The Support and Treatment After Release (STAR) Court is one of a group of special courts within Marin County’s Superior Court system that provides an alternative to incarceration and traditional supervised probation for participants who have been diagnosed with specific kinds of mental illnesses. The report identified several ways to improve the STAR Court. If approved, the response would be submitted to the presiding judge by the Board President.

Need more info? See the Civil Grand Jury report "STAR Court: A Restorative Justice Success Story" and the response.


The Board concurred and adopted the response.


Janell Hampton, Management Analyst

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