Changes to Community Services Program Funding

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 3/19/2013


The County of Marin has a district-based Community Services Program that provides small funding to support various community services needs throughout the year. Generally speaking the funds are used for small, one-time service requests and are typically allocated to non-profit service providers or other governmental entities. To respond to our recent budget challenges, the program was reduced from $550,000 annually to $350,000 (36% reduction) in FY 2010-11. Based upon feedback from a recent civil grand jury report, the Board will consider changes to the program desiged to improve transparency, improve cost-effectiveness, and clarify program requirements while maintaining many of the benefits of the program.

Need more info? See the full report on the community services program


The Board voted to accept the County Administrator's recommendations.


Matthew Hymel, County Administrator

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