Employee of the Month

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 11/4/2014


The Board will present with Employee of the Month award for October 2014 to Chua Chao of the Department of Health and Human Services.


Supervisor Katie Rice read the following:

Chua has worked with Children and Family Services as an adoptions worker, as a supervisor overseeing adoptions and licensing, and currently as a program manager. Her responsibilities include oversight of emergency response, court, adoptions, licensing, and everything else in between. 
Chua is a strong leader and a fierce advocate for the families and children served by Social Services. She is compassionate, hard-working and conscientious, with a dose of humor and humility. She is one of the biggest “unsung heroes” for the work accomplished on behalf of children, families and the community. Chua is an inspiration to staff and is a true team player. Colleagues boast that she is thoughtful, caring, trustworthy and supportive. She approaches her work with a positive attitude and does what needs to be done. 
Chua Chao truly deserves the recognition of Marin County’s Employee of the Month. Congratulations, Chua! 

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