Employee of the Month

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 1/13/2015


The Board will present the Employee of the Month award for December 2014 to Domenico Giampaoli of the Department of Information Services and Technology.


Board President Rice read the following:

Domenico is a senior systems support analyst who has served the County since September 2010. Dom is so eager to serve his clientele in Fire and Public Works that his teammates have to tie one hand behind his back to give them a chance to answer the phone. His IST co-workers joke that they have to ask him to do less so they have something to do.

Everyone learns a tremendous amount from Dom. He has a good sense of humor and an inquisitive nature. His skill set is wide-ranging -- he has an advanced understanding of spreadsheets,  writes scripts that saves his team uncountable hours, and knows web programming as well as graphics,  audio and video editing. He recently demonstrated his leadership skills by heading the committee in charge of IST’s response to the Employee Voice survey.

Besides being a technical genius, Dom is a caring friend and he is well-liked by everyone. He is an exceptional County employee and a wonderful example for all. 

Contact: Domenico Giampaoli, Information Services and Technology

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