Office Space Renovations

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 3/3/2015


The Board will hear a request from the County Administrator to authorize the transfer of $1.7 million in available funds for office space renovations at 1600 Los Gamos Drive in San Rafael, known as the Emergency Operations Facility, to close out the leased space at 899 Northgate Drive in San Rafael. The Marin County Sheriff's Office, the County emergency dispatch center and other County offices are located at 1600 Los Gamos; personnel from Health and Human Services work at 899 Northgate. Staff recommends that the Board authorize the Department of Finance to transfer remaining project funds and authorize staff to utilize property manager Sares Regis to complete additional office space renovations at 1600 Los Gamos. Approval would allow a savings of $710,000 annually in gross rent and operating expenses at 899 Northgate.


The Board authorized the transfer of funds.

Need more info? See the letter about the transfer of funds.

Contact: David Speer, Facilities Planning and Development Manager, County Administrator's Office

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