Employee Team of the Quarter

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 5/3/2016


The Board will present the Outstanding Employee Team of the Quarter award to the Water Rescue Task Force Team.


Supervisor Katie Rice read the following:

The Fire Department created a Water Rescue Task Force after noticing an alarming increase in water-related fatalities and near fatalities in their response area. The team was charged with collecting and analyzing data to verify the increase of water-related incidents and recommending an appropriate plan for required equipment, training, and funding. The task force collected many years of data that revealed an increase in water-related incidents and confirmed the County’s station locations are optimal to respond to these events. 

The team recommended the creation of a Coastal Incident Response Plan and created a comprehensive plan to incorporate and increase the department’s capabilities. The team applied for grant funding, managed the purchase and implementation of equipment and completed all necessary training for the water rescue program. The department’s new Coastal Incident Response Plan is well-developed, comprehensive and has been fully implemented. It is now the model that is used statewide. Since its implementation Marin County Fire Department has rescued or recovered more than 25 people in its response area. 

The County of Marin is grateful for this vital service to the community and is proud to honor the Water Rescue Task Force as the outstanding Team of the Quarter. The members are Chris Martinelli, Bret McTigue, Todd Overshiner, Richard Wonneberger, Graham Groneman and Jesse Rudnick.

Need more info? See the news release about the Water Rescue Task Force.

Contact: Jason Weber, Fire Chief

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