Employee Team of the Quarter

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 8/8/2017


The Board will present the Outstanding Employee Team of the Quarter award to the Juvenile Services Placement Unit.


Supervisor Rice read the following:

The Juvenile Services Placement Unit is a team comprised of staff from the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Probation. The team works with youths who were removed from their homes and were referred to Probation with concerns about their safety and well-being, and for delinquent acts, often very serious ones. Most come from homes lacking adequate support, structure and supervision that normally ensure a child’s safety and the community in which he or she resides.  As a result, the cases are usually very challenging, and the responsibility of managing them is great. The team must assess the child, determine a good fit with a residential treatment program that best meets the youth’s needs, and provide ongoing supervision for 12 months or more. Finally, the team seeks to return the young person either to family or to an alternative arrangement, if over 18 years old, which offers him or her the best chance to be successful in life. 

The stakes are high, and it takes a strong team to respond to the unexpected developments that often occur doing this critical work. Fortunately, the Juvenile Services Placement Unit is that team. The County of Marin is grateful for the team’s dedication to these youths and is honored to recognize them as Outstanding Team of the Quarter. 

Members of the team are: Angela Arenas (Probation), David Fahy (Probation), Martha Grigsby (Probation), Selina Johnson (Probation), Nita Lagleva Gibson (HHS), Sandra Mancilla (Probation), and Yuliana Valenzuela (Probation).

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