Housing First Policy and Homelessness Point-in-Time Count

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 7/11/2017


At 9 a.m., in a joint session with the Marin County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, the Board will conduct an informational workshop regarding implementation of a Housing First Policy to permanently house the most vulnerable homeless persons in our community. In January, the point-in-time count showed 1,117 people homeless in Marin County, and 72 percent of them lived in Marin prior to becoming homeless. Housing First is an evidence-based practice that returns people to permanent housing quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently. Studies show that people are more successful when they are housed before other issues, like mental health and substance use, are addressed.


The Board conducted the workshop and accepted the report.

Need more info? See the staff report and the presentation materials about the Housing First Policy and the point-in-time homeless count.

Contact: Dr. Grant Colfax, Director, Department of Health and Human Services

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