Mill Valley Refuse Service Rates

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 8/21/2018


The Board will conduct a hearing to consider a Mill Valley Refuse Service-requested rate increase of 17.54 percent for the unincorporated Southern Marin franchise service areas. The increase is comprised of a 14.05 percent increase request by the company and a 3.49 percent increase related to a new regulatory compliance fee. Unexpected major disruptions in the international recyclables market has upended the economics of solid waste collection, and the cost to deliver recyclables to a broker has jumped sharply. The areas affected by the proposed rate increase include unincorporated neighborhoods near Mill Valley and Tiburon known as Shoreline and Gibson, Paradise Cay, Paradise, and Mar East. there are approximately 800 residential and commercial customers in the franchise area.


The Board conducted the hearing and adopted the rate increase.

Need more info? See the staff report about the Mill Valley Refuse Service rate increase.

Contact: Steve Devine, Waste Management Program Manager, Department of Public Works

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