Choosing Developer for Former Coast Guard Housing Facility

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 4/14/2020


The Board will hear a request from the Community Development Agency to review proposals related to the future reuse of the Coast Guard Property located at 100 Commodore Webster Drive, Point Reyes Station. (This item was postponed from the March 17 meeting, at the start of the COVID-19 emergency.) With 36 townhomes and an eight-unit single-room-occupancy-style barracks, the base formerly served as home to dozens of officers and their families. Since the Coast Guard designated the facility as surplus in 2014, the local community has sought to convert the units to permanently affordable homes for families with children. In August 2019, the Board adopted a resolution finding that the purchase is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and issued a notice to the Coast Guard of intent to purchase the property. The Board adopted that resolution, and in September 2019 the Board President was authorized to execute an offer to purchase and contract of sale for the facility. Staff received two responses, one from EAH Housing and another from the Community Land Trust Association of West Marin (CLAM) and Eden Housing. Staff requests that the Board review proposals, select a developer, and direct staff to negotiate an agreement with the developer. 


The Board reviewed the proposals and voted to select the Community Land Trust Association of West Marin (CLAM) and Eden Housing as the developers of the property. 

Need more info? See the staff reportstaff presentation and news release about the Coast Guard housing facility.

Contact: Leelee Thomas, Planning Director, Community Development Agency

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