District 3 Issues

Board of Supervisors

Marin's breathtaking natural beauty, unique village culture, and close proximity to a major economic engine make this County one of the world’s best places to live and raise children. With strong and clear leadership we can preserve the beautiful undeveloped land in this County and cultivate a community that thrives in terms of its natural environment, its economy, and its social and cultural diversity. My goals include:

Protecting the Environment

  • Protect Marin's natural undeveloped lands.
  • Use sustainability as the basis for County decision-making.
  • Strongly promote reducing the use of resources, toxic chemicals and fossil fuels.
  • Vigorously support the development of renewable energy, starting with County contracts, and promote increased water conservation and energy efficiency programs.


  • Promote local shuttles countywide that run on alternative fuels. In Tam Valley, Sausalito, Marin City and Mill Valley it is especially critical to provide leadership in working with the Park Service to provide a shuttle system for park visitors.
  • Promote paths, lanes, stairs and roadways that are friendly to bike riders and pedestrians, and that provide safe routes to schools.
  • Promote a regional transit system with strict provisions for land preservation and environmental protection.


  • Support housing our local workforce. Marin police, teachers, emergency services providers and medical workers should not have to endure (and add to) gridlock and polluting commutes in order to provide their vital services.
  • Work hard to ensure that affordable housing doesn't claim any open space by directing its development to under-utilized land near transit lines, and I will advocate for the use of green building techniques.


  • Work to ensure that all Marin County children have health insurance.
  • Advocate parity for mental health coverage and medical insurance coverage.
  • Support access to health care services and health education for underserved populations.
  • Stand for funding the Marin Community Clinic and the Helen Vine Detox Center.
  • Lobby for a statewide, and ultimately national, single payer system.
  • Support full healthcare and retirement benefits for domestic partners.

Vital Economy

  • Advocate for a "green buyers" network for Certified Green Businesses and support a "buy local - buy green" guideline for County purchasing.
  • Support local, environmentally responsible agricultural operations, such as cheeses, organic meat, produce and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).
  • Lobby for reform of health and workers' compensation insurance systems.
  • Support the targeting of only those companies uniquely suited for Marin's villages and strict land use policies.
  • Celebrate the unique culture of our various neighborhoods and increase civic opportunities for underserved communities.