San Rafael Rock Quarry Amended Reclamation Plan and Amended Quarry Permit Supplemental Environmental Review

Community Development Agency



1000 Point San Pedro Road
San Rafael, CA 94901
Parcel Number: 184-010-09, -15, -16, -51, -52

Project Description

The San Rafael Rock Quarry is owned and operated by San Rafael Rock Quarry, Inc., a subsidiary of the Dutra Group. The San Rafael Rock Quarry is an existing mining operation permitted by the County Department of Public Works in 1972, (Surface Mining and Quarry Permit #Q-72-03). The primary products currently produced at the Quarry include, rock, concrete aggregate, sand, asphaltic concrete and rip rap products that are used for road, levee, and other infrastructure construction. San Rafael Rock Quarry proposes to amend the Amended Reclamation Plan (ARP) to reschedule reclamation for an additional 15 years, which would be completed in 2044, instead of 2024. This would allow the Quarry to continue mining past the end date specified in the Amended Quarry Permit (AQP) – also 2024. The Quarry states that production levels in recent years have been lower than previously projected and permitted, and that the extra time is needed to achieve final reclamation grades. The County has determined that the change in reclamation timing will require changes to the conditions in the AQP governing timing of cessation of mining. 

The Supplemental Environmental Review will determine whether the Quarry’s proposed changes could cause a new or significantly more severe environmental impact than identified in the 2009 Final Environmental Impact Report. If so, the County must prepare a Supplemental or Subsequent EIR, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines Section 15162; if not, an Addendum to the 2009 Environmental Impact Report will be prepared. 

Environmental Review Documents