Consumer Protection

District Attorney

Mission Statement

The District Attorney's Consumer Protection Unit enforces laws regulating public advertising and unlawful business practices. Since the creation of the Unit in 1979, the Unit has recovered for consumers through mediation and court ordered restitution, more than 4.5 Million Dollars. The Unit has also prosecuted more than 400 criminal and civil cases resulting in fines and penalties of more than 8.4 Million Dollars.


Residents of Marin County who have experienced difficulties in a business transaction may wish to contact the Consumer Protection Unit. Individuals who have observed or been subjected to false, deceptive or misleading advertising should also report these events to the Unit.

To complain, you may e-mail Consumer Protection. Or, you may print a complaint form from this site or telephone the Consumer Protection Unit at (415) 473-6495 and a complaint form will be mailed to you.


The Mediation-Inquiry Section of the Consumer Protection Unit assists consumers and businesses in finding mutually acceptable solutions to their dispute. Mediators do not impose decisions or reach verdicts, but rather help the parties clarify issues and consider alternate solutions. Mediators may provide information but cannot counsel the parties as to their legal rights. Mediation is concluded when an agreement is reached or a party refuses to participate further.

Consumer-Business Mediation services are available to all Marin County residents. NO FEES ARE CHARGED.


All complaints received by the Consumer Protection Unit are reviewed by the Enforcement Section, regardless of whether or not the parties participated or reached an agreement in mediation. If it is determined that further action is necessary, that action can be an advisory letter or a meeting to explain the relevant law to the business that was the subject of the complaint. If a pattern of unfair or unlawful conduct is discovered a civil lawsuit or a criminal prosecution may result.

The Enforcement Section works closely with Federal, State, and local agencies charged with the enforcement of consumer laws.

Lawsuits or prosecutions by the Enforcement Section are brought on behalf of the People of the State of California, not on behalf of individual citizens. These governmental actions generally seek to enjoin ongoing violations of law and punish wrong doers, establishing a fair business environment.

You may contact the District Attorney's Consumer Protection Unit at:

Office of the District Attorney
Protection Unit

Hall of Justice, Room 145
San Rafael, California 94903

Telephone:(415) 473-6495
Facsimile: (415) 473-3719

E-Mail: Consumer Protection Unit