Consumer Complaint Form

District Attorney

The Consumer Protection Division of the Marin County District Attorney's Office provides mediation for consumer complaints and enforces consumer protection laws.

Complete your Consumer Complaint Form online
Note: You will have the opportunity to attach electronic copies of any supporting documentation (.PDF and .JPG file types) to your online form.

The Consumer Complaint Form is also available in PDF format to print and send via US Mail:

  1. PRINT out the PDF form on your printer.
  2. FILL OUT the form.
  3. ATTACH any photocopies of all available documents mentioned in your report. (Receipts, contracts, cancelled checks, advertisements, correspondence)
  4. SIGN the form
  5. MAIL the form TO:

Office of the District Attorney
Consumer Protection

3501 Civic Center Dr.
Hall of Justice, Room 145
San Rafael, Ca. 94903

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