Equal Employment

Mary Hao, Director, Human Resources

The Equal Employment and Diversity Division implements and administers the County's equal employment policies and programs, preparing long-range and annual plans and reports; training and advising management and employees on the application of County policy and state and federal laws relating to discrimination, harassment and retaliation; tracking and reporting workforce composition and utilization by race and gender; coordinating and resolving discrimination, harassment, and retaliation complaint investigations; and working with related commissions and committees.

We are Committed

To provide a workplace free from unlawful discrimination and harassment; and to foster a work environment that fully utilizes the capabilities of every employee.

We Strive to

Achieve, maintain, and support a high quality, diverse workforce at all organizational levels throughout all departments of our organization.

By Working Together

We cultivate an environment that is diverse, inclusive, and discrimination free; a culture that maximizes our ability to advance the goals of Marin County.