Leadership Development

Mary Hao, Director, Human Resources

Leadership Academy

This intensive 10-day program is presented in partnership with Dominican University and brings together high performers at all levels of the County organization for an intense learning experience designed to build organizational capability.

Human Resources Management Academy

This four-day program focuses on the County’s personnel management systems and practices and covers the following topics:

  • Performance planning and evaluation
  • Organization and job design
  • Staffing, exam planning, and interviewing
  • Feedback, coaching, and development
  • Corrective and formal discipline
  • Labor-management relations

Each of these systems represents a different aspect of the supervisor's job. Participants learn how to write performance plans and performance evaluations, how to influence the quality of the applicant pool by working with HR Analysts to develop an effective exam plan, and how to address performance and conduct problems.

Introduction to Supervision

This two-day program is designed for new and aspiring supervisors. Participants focus on the essential daily tasks required to maximize the productivity, motivation, and success of those under their leadership. Topics include:

  • How responsibilities change when you assume a supervisory role
  • Various styles of supervision
  • Components of communication necessary to effectively manage people
  • Repertoire of techniques for managing people, work, and communication
  • Understanding the role of, and interface with, the County Administrator's Office and Human Resources.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Managers and Supervisors

Effective organizations depend on effective people. No organization can achieve its objective until its people achieve theirs. This two-day workshop provides participants with an array of tools for personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

  • Have more proactive responses in difficult situations
  • Develop a personal mission statement to identify desired results and guide activities
  • Apply planning techniques and tools to increase productivity
  • Develop a "win-win" attitude that increases group effectiveness
  • Develop the ability to listen in a way that results in more effective communication
  • Solve problems in a way that results in better solutions
  • Understand the importance, and ways of, safeguarding against 'burn out' and subsequent non-productivity