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"A mile of road will take you a mile, but a mile of runway will take you anywhere.” - Anonymous

The Department of Public Works operates Marin County Airport, known as Gnoss Field, for residents, visitors, businesses and local government agencies needing personal air transportation. The airport occupies 120 acres just north of Novato and east of Highway 101, where you can see several light green and beige hangars. We are home to about 300 aircraft and businesses, and are open 24 hours a day to serve the community.

The Marin County Airport serves as a reliever airport to the greater San Francisco Bay Area, shifting air traffic congestion away from larger airports with commercial airline flights. Airport users vary from daily flights for business people or flight training, to occasional trips for personal travel or special services of a government agency.

  • Airport Uses
    • Business flights connect with customers, suppliers and branch offices
    • Personal flights visit family, friends, or vacation spots, or bring visitors to Marin County
    • Medical flights transport patients via air ambulance, or organs for transplantation
    • Law enforcement flights land at the airport to coordinate with ground units and refuel
    • Fire-fighting aviation support uses the airport as situations demand
    • Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the US Air Force, trains and operates for airborne search and rescue, supports law enforcement, disaster preparedness, humanitarian services, as well as educates CAP cadets
    • Volunteer pilots fly Angel Flight missions to transport family members and patients not needing ambulance services
    • Aviation businesses employ local people for flight instruction, aircraft maintenance, aircraft sales, and aviation consulting
  • Aviation Commission

Self-Supporting Operation

The aviation users of the Marin County Airport support all of the airport expenses through their rents, transient fees, fuel fees, and concession fees on airport businesses. The annual budget exceeds $750,000. Capital projects and planning efforts receive federal and state grants, which are in turn funded by aviation fuel taxes from across the country or state. The airport does not receive any monies from the Marin County General Fund.

In addition, property taxes on aircraft and business assets return over $500,000 each year to Marin County, half of which goes to support the Novato Unified School District.

Airport News

  • August 2017
    • August 31 -- The contractor, Team Ghilotti, has received a notice to proceed from the County. In order to optimize the construction schedule, take advantage of good weather and possibly complete work earlier, the contractor may close the runway ahead of previously provided tentative schedule, as early as September 25, 2017. The 32-day duration of the closure is expected to remain the same. We will provide additional information and progress updates on a weekly basis. Thank you for your patience and understanding while these much-needed improvements to Gnoss Field’s runway take place.

    • August 25 -- As previously announced, Marin County Airport’s runway will be closed for rehabilitation for 32 days, currently scheduled from October 4 through November 5. At the September 12 Marin County Board of Supervisors session, the supervisors will discuss approving a one-month rental relief measure for aviation businesses located at Gnoss Field with current leases with the County during the runway closure. This rental relief measure does not apply to non-business related ground leases. However, while the runway improvements are being completed, there are several nearby airports that are offering aircraft parking at a minimal fee. Please see previous NOTICE for alternative airport options.

    • August 25 -- Standard maintenance activity is currently occurring at the airport with our County Roads division clearing hard-to-reach vegetation obstructions along the airport levees. They will also be continuing with asphalt crack sealing around the airport’s various non-runway pavement areas. Thank you for your patience while this maintenance is underway. Please be aware that this work is unrelated to the upcoming runway rehabilitation project.

    • August 21 -- NOTICE: The FAA has awarded Marin County Airport a grant for the Gnoss Field Runway Rehabilitation Project! This grant will fund the reconstruction of the 50-year-old runway, which will require closing the runway for 32 days per the construction contract.

      The tentative timeline for planning purposes estimates that the earliest the runway closure could occur is Wednesday, October 4. Following the contractor's proposed schedule, the runway may reopen as early as Sunday, November 5. This schedule is subject to change, please check back for updates.

      Anyone wishing to relocate their aircraft to nearby airports during the Gnoss Field closure, please contact:
      Petaluma Airport - Bob Patterson (707) 778-4404
      Napa County Airport - for tie down, contact:
      Greg Baer
      Napa Jet Center

      We are excited about the planned improvements, but understand the inconvenience they may cause. For questions or concerns, contact Dan Jensen, Marin County Airport Manager, at (415) 897-1754.

    • August 17 -- The Planning Commission will hold a hearing on Monday, August 28, at 2:00pm on Rezonings and Development Code Amendments related to the Gnoss Field Area of Northern Unincorporated Novato, including the Gnoss Field Airport. Marin County's Community Development Agency is proposing to rezone 19 properties in the Gnoss Field Area because the subject properties are in a zoning district that is no longer a listed zoning district in the current Development Code. The proposed zonings would bring the subject properties into conformance with current zoning districts in a manner consistent with existing property uses. Furthermore, none of the proposed zoning changes affects the ability or the cost, or creates an obstacle to implementing the Gnoss Field Airport Master Plan adopted by the Board, or affects the criteria and implementation of the Airport Land Use Plan. The hearing will take place at the Marin County Civic Center, room 328. Click here to view the agenda and staff report.

    • August 16 -- The Planning Commission will hold a hearing on Monday, August 28, at 1:00pm on the Commodore Marina Seaplane Base. Marin County's Community Development Agency is proposing to revoke or modify the use permit for seaplane operations in Richardson Bay in unincorporated Sausalito. The hearing will take place at the Marin County Civic Center, room 328. Click here to view the agenda and staff report.

    • August 7 -- The County has retained professional services to investigate soil and groundwater conditions underneath the above-ground storage tank fueling facility at Gnoss Field, located at 451-A Airport Road in Novato. On August 30, starting 10:00am, four soil borings will be drilled at that location with a limited access drill rig truck. The work should take about 4-5 hours.
  • September 2017
    • Runway closed
      Runway closed
      Runway closed
      Runway closed
      September 29 -- County staff is excited about the progress made in the first full week of the runway rehabilitation project. Large heavy equipment has been brought in by the contractor and over a quarter of the runway pavement has been ground up, screened and stockpiled on site this week. The ground up asphalt is being sorted on site so that as much of it as possible can be reused and recycled as the runway subbase. Geogrid material has been delivered and will be used to strengthen the runway subgrade where needed. Work is progressing on schedule and we expect that next week the contractor will continue to completely grind up the entire runway.

    • September 27 -- The Gnoss Field runway rehabilitation officially began Monday, September 25, with construction work getting underway by the contractor, Team Ghilotti. Equipment has been mobilized and several potholes have been drilled. Erosion control and sediment control best management practices have been implemented along the runway as a precaution. The County’s Notice to Proceed is available for viewing.

      A construction process meeting was held between the contractors and the Marin County DPW project leads. Team Ghilotti provided this 3-week schedule of construction activity. The next major construction phase is the grinding of the existing runway pavement and cross section. The schedule reflects the expected timetable and the runway remains on target with October 26 as the anticipated reopening date.

    • Runway closed
      September 25 -- The runway rehabilitation project begins today, September 25, at Gnoss Field. As previously stated, the construction work requires the closure of the runway. The expected reopening is October 26. The County issued Notice to Proceed is available for viewing.

    • September 19 -- There will be an estimated 3-hour closure of the Gnoss Field runway this Thursday, 9/21 and/or Friday, 9/22. Team Ghilotti plans to perform a test strip of the runway asphalt, as well as conduct "potholing" to map the electrical and culvert locations beneath the asphalt. They have also requested to perform the same strategic mapping (potholing) on the taxiways in 6 different locations, which may require 1-hour closures for each sample during Thursday and Friday as well. Allowing this preliminary work will improve the efficiency of the runway project and ensure the runway is only closed as long as is necessary for the main project. Please call the Airport Manager at (415) 897 1754 if this presents any problems.

    • September 13 -- In preparation for the full runway rehabilitation project, the contractor (Team Ghilotti) will be conducting a materials test. The process will require an approximately 3-hour closure of the runway while the contractor works on a 4’x50’ test strip of asphalt. By doing this test ahead of the construction project, the contractor can optimize their production and reduce the chance of any potential construction delays during the actual project. The exact date of this short term closure has yet to be determined but will be announced online in advance and postings at the airport. If you have not already done so, sign up for subscription services to the airport web page and get automatic notices of new information posted on the web page.

    • September 12 -- At the September 12th Board of Supervisors session, the supervisors voted to approve the rental relief for aviation businesses with County leases at Gnoss Field. The rental relief applies to the month of October while the airport’s runway is closed for the rehabilitation project and only for the County’s seven business leases at the airport. For questions or concerns, contact Dan Jensen, Marin County Airport Manager, at (415) 897-1754. CLICK HERE to view the Board of Supervisors letter regarding rent relief.
  • October 2017
    • October 31 -- Construction activity resumed at the airport on Monday, October 30, with the washing and cleaning of the large conveyor belt and rock processing equipment used to make the aggregate subbase. Most of the processing equipment was removed on October 31. Also on October 31, the runway subbase placement began with contractor employees following the newly mandated safety practices. All workers outside of vehicles in the regulated area are using disposable coveralls and half-face respirators. Additional air samples are being performed as the work changes to monitor performance. County staff is in discussions with the contractor regarding extending the working hours to up to 12 hours a day.

    • October 24 -- For the most recent status update on the Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project, please view this PDF.

    • October 18 -- A partnership meeting was held today (Wednesday, October 18) between County staff, the construction manager/design engineer and the construction contractor for the Gnoss Field runway rehabilitation project. All parties are working towards a solution to reopen the runway as soon as possible.

      A critical factor is the determination that the subgrade material contains naturally occurring asbestos above certain regulatory levels. This substance is also found in the onsite stockpiled material which will be reused as the runway subbase, and then covered by base rock and asphalt. The next few days and all of next week will be focused on worker training, submitting a work plan to the Bay Area Air Quality Control Board and receiving approval of the work plan. Additional ambient air monitoring will also begin at the airport to verify and document acceptable air quality levels. With these measures and approvals construction work will continue on the runway.

      Additional updates will be provided as details and new information develops. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.

    • October 13 -- It is unfortunate to report that construction progress for the week October 9th stopped. The material produced from grinding the runway by the contractor the prior week, and intended by the contractor to be used as the runway subbase material, did not meet all of the material specifications for all of the material produced. County staff and our construction manager have been working with the contractor and with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop a viable solution that allows the project to move forward. A workable solution has so far not been determined. The runway reopening date has now been delayed by a minimum of one week.

      In addition, the contractor tested material below the asphalt runway and found low levels of naturally occurring asbestos containing material, likely from the existing base material. The county has hired an environmental consulting firm which has verified the results and is preparing response plan that safeguards the environment, contract employees and the general public.

      We will provide further updates as information becomes available.

    • October 9 -- Please be aware that the fires in Sonoma and Napa have not impacted Gnoss Field airport. We hope for the safety of all people involved in this horrible emergency, and for a successful containment and quick resolution of the fires.

    • Runway with Geogrid being installed
      October 5 -- Work continues on the runway rehabilitation project. The grinding of all the existing runway asphalt was completed on Tuesday, October 3. Grade and leveling survey points are being set prior to start of importation of the subbase material, which is the next major construction phase. The placement of geogrids (plastic grid meshes) began on Wednesday, October 4, in areas needing subsurface strengthening. A test asphalt pavement strip is expected to be done at the San Rafael Rock Quarry next week to evaluate pavement quality.
  • November 2017
    • November 29 -- Late yesterday, results from the sampling and testing of base material (the rock under the runway asphalt) indicated areas that do not fully meet specific contract material specifications. Additional sampling is occurring this morning. Results from these tests will not be available until Friday morning, due to the testing procedures and standards that cannot be accelerated. The initial sampling, testing and certification at the rock quarry indicated that all material should meet specification. Asphalt placement cannot begin until verification testing indicates that the base material meets specifications. At this point, asphalt work cannot begin until Monday, December 4, at the earliest.

    • November 28 -- There are still soft spots in the runway base material due to the water content from last weekend's rain, so the contractor will need to wait until this Thursday to begin the runway paving. The paving process will occur on Thursday, Friday and next Monday. The contractor estimates that 1900 tons of asphalt will be placed per day (approximately 76 truckloads). Shoulder work along the runway will happen this Saturday, December 2.

    • November 27 -- Material testing is occurring today (Monday, November 27) to ensure that the base rock material meets specifications before placing the asphalt. Final smoothness and runway elevations are also being checked. Runway paving was scheduled to begin today but, due to saturation from the recent rains, the process has been delayed until Wednesday, November 29. Paving work is expected to take three consecutive days, lasting through Friday. This weather delay moves the estimated reopening date to December 14.

    • November 20 -- The County has been supplied with a projected schedule from the project’s contractor, Team Ghilotti. The runway rehabilitation project is moving forward with today being the last day for the contractor to bring in base rock for the runway’s base layer. Compacting and grading this base layer will take the contractor up to the Thanksgiving Holiday. The next step is the paving which is to begin on Monday, November 27, lasting approximately three days, weather permitting. Following this will be grading the shoulders of the runway, electrical work on the runway lights and then painting the runway markings. This work is anticipated be conducted during the week of December 4 through 8 and, barring any rain delays, a potential reopening is expected on December 11.

    • November 17 -- This week’s rain caused about a day’s delay on the runway project. However, the contractor is planning to work on Saturday, November 18. There is about one more day worth of base rock to import from the rock quarry and compact into a solid 5 inch thick base on which to place asphalt. A lot of the stockpiled material has also been used in the runway shoulder area and covered with imported material so that none of the runway surface areas have any of the naturally occurring asbestos material present. An asphalt test strip was made at the asphalt batch plant this week and asphalt work on the runway could begin as soon as November 27, weather permitting. Due to Thanksgiving, there will be no work on November 23 and 24.

      For the additional information on construction and safety monitoring for the Gnoss Field Runway Rehabilitation Project, please view this PDF.

    • November 15 -- For the most recent update on construction and safety monitoring for the Gnoss Field Runway Rehabilitation Project, please view this PDF.

    • November 14 -- Team Ghilotti is importing base rock for the runway. This is scheduled to occur over three days, following by fine grading and leveling prior to asphalt work, weather permitting.

    • November 13 -- Last Thursday, November 9, Team Ghilotti provided a schedule that indicates runway paving occurring on November 27 through 29, weather permitting, followed by work on the shoulders for the rest of the week. Striping would presumably occur the following week. For the most recent update on construction and safety monitoring for the Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project, please view this PDF.

    • November 9 -- For the most recent update on construction and safety monitoring for the Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project, please view this PDF.

    • November 8 -- For the most recent update on construction and safety monitoring for the Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project, please view this PDF.

    • November 6 -- For the most recent update on construction and safety monitoring for the Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project, please view this PDF.

    • November 1 -- For the most recent update on construction and safety monitoring for the Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project, please view this PDF.
  • December 2017
    • December 29 -- The Gnoss Field Airport runway is now open. Construction work, however, is still continuing on the airport property even with the open runway, including on Saturday, December 30. As always, please use caution and observe airport safety rules:

      1. No vehicles or pedestrians on the runway or taxiways at any time.
      2. Exercise caution around workers and equipment still in use finishing the ramp area.
      3. Select taxiway lanes on the main ramp may be temporarily closed this weekend to ensure safety. Taxiway lane between Charlie and Delta may also experience closures for additional site work along drainage ways.
      4. Please slow down in the Airport operations area - speed limit for vehicles is never to exceed 15 mph.
      5. Follow our noise abatement procedures all the time, every time.
      6. All dogs must stay under control per County code.

    • December 28 -- The contractor is finishing up painting the freshly paved runway today, as well as importing and compacting shoulder material. Additional cover material will be imported and compacted at the north end of the runway. Work will also be conducted today on the runway lights. At this time, it is anticipated that the runway will be open before the end of day tomorrow, Friday, December 29.

    • December 26 -- Runway paving work was completed on Friday, December 22. Material was imported on Saturday, December 23 and work occurred on the shoulder backfill areas. Today, work continues on the shoulder areas and work began on moving some of the stockpiles to an area just beyond the north end of the runway. This will be followed by covering the material with a minimum of three inches of fill. Work is also occurring today to layout the pavement striping and markings. Painting will take place during the next two days. The County is preparing plans to also move and cover stockpiled material to an area adjacent to the stormwater detention facility.

    • December 21 -- Today is the second day of runway paving. The runway will receive 6 lanes of asphalt, 12.5 feet wide (total 75 feet wide). Yesterday the contractor completed 2 1/3 of the 6 lanes. It is anticipated that the paving work will be completed by end of day tomorrow, Friday, December 22. The contractor provided a proposal to move some of the apron stockpiled material to beyond the north end of the runway, thereby extending the runway overrun area, adding cover material and hydroseeding the area. The proposal is currently under review by the County. If accepted, it is anticipated that the work would occur next week concurrent with the final shoulder work and striping. At this time is it is expected that the runway will be open at the end of day Friday, December 29, 2017.

    • December 18 -- The runway subbase has been stabilized and tested to ensure specifications have been achieved. Asphalt paving will begin Wednesday, December 20, and is expected to finish on Friday, December 22.

    • December 15 -- The contractor is working on the west side of the runway today. They will be conducting mixing, grading, and testing throughout the day. The cement treatment is expected to be completed today as planned. Material samples have been taken during the treatment process and test results should be received by Tuesday, December 19.

    • December 13 -- The contractor will begin stabilizing the runway base course material tomorrow (December 14) with a cement treatment. This process is expected to be completed in two days. Material samples will be taken throughout the process and tested to ensure that the necessary specifications have been achieved. Final laboratory results for all samples are expected on Tuesday, December 19. It is not expected the contractor will proceed with the runway paving until all laboratory results are received.

    • December 11 -- The County received a letter today in which the contractor is proposing to do a cement treatment of the runway's base material in order to meet specifications. The County is currently reviewing the proposal.

    • December 5 -- At the December 5th Board of Supervisors session, the supervisors voted to approve rental relief for all tenants with County leases at Gnoss Field airport. The one-month rental relief was recommended because of the extended runway closure due to the runway reconstruction project. The rental relief will be applied to the month of January for all tenants in good standing. For more details, please view the Board of Supervisors letter regarding the rent relief. For questions or concerns, contact Dan Jensen, Marin County Airport Manager, at (415) 897-1754

    • December 4 -- Sampling and laboratory analysis of the runway base material continued over the weekend, with more results indicating material and runway base areas passing specifications. Additional sample tests are being conducted. In case the results do not meet specifications, contingency planning by the contractor to potentially utilize a lime or cement treatment is also being considered.

    • December 1 -- The laboratory testing on the base material returned mixed results when compared to the contract base material specifications (some results passed, some did not). County staff has requested that the contractor respond with an intended method to meet specifications and a date of correction before allowing the runway paving to proceed. The FAA was consulted in making this determination.
  • January 2018
    • January 26 -- As previously announced on January 19, a second coat of paint will be applied to the runway on January 29 and 30, weather permitting. The painting will require the closure of the runway for both days (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM). The paint is highly sensitive to weather conditions, so please keep in mind that the planned activity is subject to change on short notice.

    • January 19 -- The contractor and subcontractor are tentatively planning on completing the second coat of paint on the runway on January 29 and 30, weather permitting. There are a number of weather factors involving temperature and humidity that control when the work can occur. The work will require closure of the runway for two days. Details on the runway painting are still being worked out and may be subject to change on short notice, again depending on weather conditions.

    • January 4 -- The airport runway reopened last Friday, December 29. However, work continues on removing asphalt debris and other materials from the apron area, where the stockpiles were located, to the airport east side spoil site. The material on the east will be covered with non-serpentine material. The soil heave area along the taxiway ditch line as well as the apron subsurface have been tested and found to be non-serpentine soil material and the plan is to use this material as cover material. Sometime after January 23 the runway will be scheduled to close for two days to add another coating of paint to the runway markings.
  • March 2018
    • March 26 -- Construction activity at the airport will continue this week with subgrade preparation at the airport's aircraft apron area occurring on March 27 and 28. Asphalt pavement will occur on Thursday, March 29. Airport tenants are advised to use caution around construction workers and equipment operating at the airport.
    • March 28 -- The contractor's schedule has shifted and asphalt paving will now take place on Friday, March 30.  Striping will occur on Monday, April 2, followed by anchor tie-downs being installed on Tuesday, April 3. Airport tenants should be careful navigating around the construction area while crews are operating.
  • November 2018
    • Electrical Issue -- PG&E had an airport wide power outage that started early on Thanksgiving Day and lasted most of the day. PG&E then restored partial power on Friday 11/23, but it was ‘dirty power’ (power flickering and may have lost a phase) so the Airport Manager turned off critical systems such as the AWOS and PAPI systems that Friday to try to prevent damage. On Saturday morning 11/24, power to these systems was turned on which required a reset of the electronic equipment and County staff found that these systems incurred damage from the power outage. A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) was filed for this condition. Since Saturday 11/24, County staff had been working with vendors to get electronic parts ASAP to fix the problems. As of Thursday 11/29, the AWOS is working normally and NOTAM was cancelled. All other electrical systems are currently working but additional work will be needed on the taxiway lights and the PAPI system.
  • March 2019
    • Introduction of Tony Williams -- Hello Gnoss Field Businesses, Tenants and Pilots, the Airport Division of the Department of Public Works has a new Assistant Director, Tony Williams. Tony is a licensed civil engineer with 26 years of experience in engineering and construction. Prior to joining the County of Marin, Tony worked for the City of Novato Public Works Department where he managed the City’s Stormwater Program, FEMA CRS Program, Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Program, Hamilton Levee System, and several CIP infrastructure projects. His previous work experience includes environmental restoration contracting, an engineering consulting firm, the US Army Corps of Engineers (San Francisco District), as well as seven years of military service as a US Naval Officer. Tony is a Marin County native and lives in Novato with his wife and two daughters.
    • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for future Runway Extension -- The FAA is currently working on the Purpose and Need Working Paper and will schedule a public meeting once the FAA has received all internal comments. A possible meeting date of May 30th, 2019 has been suggested but not confirmed. The likely meeting location is the Board Chambers at the Civic Center.
    • Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP) -- As of October 2018, airport staff has implemented the FAA approved Wildlife HAZARD Management Plan and will perform non-lethal wildlife control as needed. Staff will identify and respond in a timely manner to hazardous wildlife and hazardous situations that are identified or reported to airport staff. Airport staff will primarily be using harassment techniques and pyrotechnics such as using blanks for a starter pistol and loud Bangers and Screamers for larger flocking birds. As always, please notify staff of any unusual wildlife hazards and report all animal strikes that occur on airport.
    • Self-Serve Fuel Island Update -- CB Aviation is the fuel provider at Gnoss Field. The Self-Serve Fuel unit was to be installed within 9 months of the start of their lease April 16th, 2018. However, there have been some setbacks for CB Aviation on the 100LL unit they purchased. The County has placed notice on CB Aviation to have the new unit installed no later than May 3rd, 2019.
    • General Airport Issues and Requests:
    • Security Entrance Gates -- As you all have been aware, both vehicle entrance gates have been out of order due to the outdated card reader system. In researching our options, we were able to purchase new card readers and program our current cards into the system. Happy to report that as of March 19, the gates are working correctly, and I’ve received no issues with tenant access.
    • Aircraft Storage Permits and Insurance -- Please update your information with current aircraft and contact information on your hangar space at Gnoss Field. Per the County Aircraft Storage Permit for habitually situated aircraft:

      All Permittees agree to disclose all aircraft he/she has caused to locate on the Airport and shall be financially responsible for these aircraft or for any other access onto the property granted by this permit. Any owner shall furnish the County, in advance of arrival of the aircraft, evidence of financial responsibility in the minimum requirements of: $1,000,000 combined single limit coverage with exception of per/passenger sub-limit of $100,000.
    • Trash and Recycle Bins -- Please read the signs posted on each dumpster for accepted trash and recycle items. The left dumpsters are for trash items only and the right dumpsters are only for approved recycle items only. Our service provider will not pick up the containers if items not posted on the signs are placed within the dumpsters and recycle bins.
    • Night Operations -- Please make sure that while on the Airport Operations Area (AOA) at night, your vehicle headlights are on LOW-BEAM. Many pilots who fly out of Gnoss Field require low light environments for night flights.
    • Please Slow Down -- On the Airport Operations Area the Speed Limit is 15 MPH. There have been a couple of close calls recently due to cars going too fast and not yielding to other vehicles and taxiing aircraft. Aircraft staff have been notifying tenants and their guests to slow down. Upon a second or third notice from staff for excess speed, your vehicle access may be revoked for non-compliance.
    • Vehicle/Trailer Parking on the AOA -- All vehicles must be parked inside your hangar for overnight flights. There is no long-term parking on the airport AOA. Vehicles that are parked on the AOA for extended periods of time (overnight) will receive notice that all vehicles parked overnight should be inside your hangar or the long-term parking areas outside the AOA. Upon a second notice of parking violations, your vehicles may be towed at the vehicle owners’ expense.
  • May 2019
    • Annual State Inspection Results -- The Marin County Airport, Gnoss Field, has received an Excellent Condition status following a compliance inspection on April 18, 2019. The annual state inspection was conducted by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and found that all applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements had been either met or exceeded. The inspection covered FAA design safety standards, FAA regulations, Advisory Circular criteria, and related state and federal requirements and permits. The inspection also updated the FAA Airport Master Record for Gnoss Field (FAA Site no. 01967.*A). This is the third year in a row that Caltrans has granted Gnoss Field a status of Excellent Condition.
  • Gnoss Field Airport Lease Update
    • October 31, 2017 -- A number of long term (20 to 50 year) airport leases have expired or will expire within the next year. The County hired a certified General Real Estate Appraiser experienced with appraising airport facilities in California to conduct an appraisal to determine market rent for various options of ground and hangar leases at Gnoss Field. The main leases subject to the review were the 25 ‘Corporate Hangars’ on the east side of the runway and the BEMAC master lease (large hangar area on north end of airport line) expiring in February 2018. Appraisal information and options were reviewed with the Marin County Board of Supervisors in closed session on October 31, 2017.

      County staff received direction to serve notice and estoppels to BEMAC Unit 1 and tenants. The lease expires February 25, 2018 and at such time the County will become the direct landlord of the site and negotiate new rental agreements with existing and future tenants. All existing subtenants will be offered the opportunity to remain under a new lease with the County.

      Direction was also given to negotiate new ground leases for the 25 Corporate hangars subject to receiving more information on the runway rehabilitation project cost overruns, which we expect over the next few weeks. Further direction will be provided by the Board at that time. Lastly, we are also having discussions with DT Group LLC on the Unit 3 fuel facility concerning future options for the facility.

      Once there is greater clarity on the total costs of the runway project, County staff will be contacting the lessees and tenants to begin the lease renewal process.

Good Neighbor Policies

The County of Marin ensures land use policies support development projects near the airport that are compatible with continued aviation operations. These policies address airspace protection, noise impacts, overflights, and safety.

The airport also publishes guidelines for noise abatement procedures to avoid sound intrusion and overflights of nearby residences and businesses. If you want to report aircraft noise that you believe is associated with airport operation, click on the link below to use the on-line aircraft noise report form or call the airport manager at the phone number listed above. Please indicate on the form or in the message if you wish that the airport manager contact you.

Report an Aircraft Noise/Overflight Occurrence

  • Gnoss Field Airport Runway Ext. EIS/EIR

    Information for Nearby Residents

    Learn More About Gnoss Field

    Airport users welcome nearby residents to become more familiar with the benefits and policies that ensure the continued operation of a valuable county transportation asset. Good relations with neighbors have become important priorities for airport users, the County, Caltrans Division of Aeronautics and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

    To visit the airport, or to learn more, please contact the Airport Manager or the Gnoss Field Community Association (GFCA)

    Flight Regulations for Operating over Populated Areas

    Pilots and aircraft operators must follow regulations established by the FAA for safe flight practices and compatible operations, which govern aircraft certification, pilot certification, airport certification, and flight procedures. For instance, new jet aircraft since 2006 must meet stringent noise emission standards, called Stage 4 requirements, that impose lower noise levels than earlier Stage 3 standards, and noisier Stage 2 jets will be prohibited from flying in the US after December 2015.

    Flight procedures impose restrictions on how low aircraft may fly. Normally over congested or populated areas, aircraft must fly higher than 1000 feet over the highest obstacle within 2000 feet. Exceptions are provided for aircraft landing or taking off from a runway, and for aircraft, especially helicopters, flying with a waiver for specific low-altitude purposes, such as pipeline and powerline patrols. Exceptions are also provided for law enforcement, military and fire fighting operations.

    Grants from the FAA to improve airports require the County provide assurances on how they operate and protect the airport. One important area concerns compatible land use planning around the airport. In California, an Airport Land Use Commission addresses four major planning factors that involve safety, protecting airspace from hazards, noise impacts and overflight issues.

    In California, the Department of Real Estate requires the disclosure to buyers of real property within two miles of an airport that the property may be subject to aircraft noise and overflight impacts.

    Finding Information about Flight Activity at Gnoss Field

    People interested in tracking flight activity at Gnoss Field may use several web-based services. Aircraft flying on flight plans landing or departing from Gnoss Field can be located using FlightAware, including activity for the previous several days. Aircraft tracked by radar may be located using FlightRadar24, including a playback option for the past seven days. Radio communication by planes using the Gnoss Field CTAF frequency may be heard on the Internet using LiveATC , including an audio archive of past communications for 30 days.

    Information About Airport Planning

    Airport planning efforts require outreach to airport users and the community, such as the Gnoss Field Vision Process and stages of environmental and project reviews. The Gnoss Field Visioning Report was presented to the Board of Supervisors on November 4, 2014.

    Additional information on airport planning can be found in the meetings and agendas of the Airport Commission.

  • Notice For Public Meeting - DBE Program 3/30/17
  • Hangar Ground Lease Proposed Rate Increase
  • Runway Rehabilitation Proposal
  • FAA Public Hearing, Runway Ext. Purpose and Need Working Paper
  • Wildlife Hazard Assessment
  • Information for Pilots, Instructors and Aircraft Owners

    Welcome to Marin County Airport, Gnoss Field. This information should help you plan your flight into and out of the only public-use airport in Marin County.

    Airport Information for Pilots

    Typical Weather

    Weather at Gnoss Field might be called California nice. Morning low clouds often burn off before noon. The marine layer comes in occasionally from the Pacific Ocean due west or wraps around from the Golden Gate through San Pablo Bay from the southeast. Storms in the winter usually come from the southwest. Otherwise, most days are clear and pleasant.

    • AWOS radio: 120.675
    • AWOS phone: 415-897-2236

    Crosswinds frequent Gnoss Field due to the high terrain to the west and cool waters of San Pablo Bay to the southeast. Gusts often increase the challenge of landing, so be prepared to go around. Some pilots claim that landing with crosswinds are better on runway 31 than runway 13 due to hangars and terrain, but be cautious.

    Noise Abatement Procedures

    Noise sensitive residents occupy homes to the south and southeast of the airport. Please see the Noise Abatement Procedures. In summary, no straight in approaches to runway 31 over the homes, and no straight out departures from runway 13 over the homes. Please fly tight traffic patterns for runway 31 to avoid overflight of the homes south and southeast of the airport.

    VFR Procedures

    VFR procedures must avoid the radio towers, which are 520' MSL. Traffic patterns may be inside or outside the towers depending on the performance of your aircraft. Approach the traffic pattern from outside the towers. For landing on runway 31, do not fly straight-in and turn base abeam the towers and plan a one-half mile final.

    Instrument Procedures

    Gnoss Field has one instrument approach, GPS RWY 13. The minimums are 1000' MSL due to towers and terrain.

    Instrument departures involve turns to headings 080 degrees from runway 13 and 360 degrees from runway 31.

    Clearance for instrument departures can be received from Oakland Center, either by radio on the ground or through the FAA phone service. Some pilots file IFR flight plans with pickup points at nearby VORs, either Scaggs Island (SGD), Santa Rosa (STS), or Point Reyes (PYE).

    • Oakland Center: 127.80
    • FAA Clearance: 888-766-8267
    Itinerant Parking

    Gnoss Field reserves transient parking on the ramp closest to the administration building in spaces outlined in blue stripes. Large aircraft may park at both ends of the row; smaller aircraft in between facing the runway.


    Full-service fuel is available at 415-897-1653

    Wash Rack

    The wash rack is located on the east side of the runway, midfield, between the two sets of hangars. Signs limit usage to selected days due to the California drought.

    Gate Access

    Several pedestrian gates allow people to walk through between the ramp and the parking lots. Vehicle gate access requires card entry, available from the Airport Manager and generally issued to airport tenants.

    Wildlife Incident Report

    Marin County requests that pilots report encountering wildlife on, above or near the airport. Use this form, as well as FAA form 5200-7 in the case of a wildlife strike.

    Airport Information for Instructors

    Numerous flight instructors train students at Gnoss Field, some based on the field and others seeking challenging conditions due to the crosswinds.


    Prepare your students for the effects of gusty crosswind conditions. Winds rarely stay steady with variable speeds and directions common. Gusts to 25 knots are not uncommon with crosswinds ranging from 45 to 90 degrees across the runway.

    Some pilots report that winds are more variable and challenging when landing on runway 13, due to terrain and less calming influence of the hangars at the runway 31 end.

    Training areas

    Training areas may be used southeast of the airport near the mouth of the Petaluma River. Please avoid training flights over populated areas of Marin County, along highway 101, and inland lakes surrounded by homes.

    Please avoid simulated engine power loss when near the noise-sensitive areas south and southeast of the airport, especially when landing on runway 31. Changes in engine noise cause greater annoyance than constant noise. Use runway 13 for such procedures.

    Reporting Points

    Pilots in the area of Gnoss Field frequently use these reporting points:

    • Sears Point Raceway: about 6 miles east of the airport
    • Mouth of the Petaluma River: about 4 miles southeast of the airport
    • Highway 37: also about 4 miles southeast of the airport
    • KCBS Towers: the four illuminated radio towers, 520' MSL, about 1.5 miles southeast of the airport
    • Bend in the River: a prominent bend in the Petaluma River about 4 miles north of the airport
    • Landfill: a common base turn location about 1.5 miles north of the airport

    Airport Information for Aircraft Owners

    Aircraft owners and operators may park or store their aircraft at Gnoss Field.

    Transient Parking

    Daily transient parking is free and no commercial landing fees apply.

    Aircraft parked overnight on tie-downs will be tagged and fees are $10/night for small aircraft, $15/night for turboprop aircraft, and $20/night for turbine aircraft.


    Hangars at Gnoss Field are clustered in three areas: A-hangars north of the ramp, B-hangars south of the ramp, and C-hangars on the east side of the runway. Hangars in the A and B clusters are privately owned on leased ramp space. Many are for rent or sale privately. Several offers are posted on the bulletin boards around the airport.

    Hangars in the C cluster are leased from Marin County. All of the county hangars are presently rented, although a waiting list is being maintained.

    County Storage Permit Form

    To request a permit to store an aircraft at Gnoss Field, use this form to request a tie-down space on the ramp, a portable hangar or a county hangar.

    Aircraft Storage Permit Form

    Information About Airport Businesses

    On-Airport Businesses
    Business Name and Services Phone
    Andres Amil Ill
    Aircraft maintenance
    Aero Club Marin
    Flight instruction, Aircraft rental
    Direct Avionics
    Aircraft maintenance, Avionics maintenance, Aircraft rental
    DT Group Refueling
    Full service aviation fuel: 100LL, JetA
    James Simons MD
    Senior Aviation Medical Examiner
    John Ward Flight Training
    Flight instructions
    Scanlon Aviation
    Aircraft maintenance, Flight instruction, Aircraft rental
    Sky Ranch Upholstery
    Aviation interior upholstery
    TJ Neff Aircraft Sales
    Aircraft sales
    Airport Area Businesses
    Business Name and Services Phone
    Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    Rental Car
    Hertz Local
    Rental Car
    Novato Oaks Inn/Best Western
    Marriott Courtyard
    Days Inn
    Novato Taxi
    Radio Cab
    North Marin Taxi

    Information for Young People and Women in Aviation

    Young people in Marin County enjoy several opportunities to participate in aviation activities. The airport observation area near the north gate on Airport Road provides a place to watch planes arrive and depart, to listen to the radio traffic, and spot airplanes near the airport. The Young Eagles program introduces young boys and girls to flying through volunteer flights hosted by the local chapter 1232 of the Experimental Aircraft Association. Local aviation businesses and the Gnoss Field Community Association have invited young people to tour the airport, airport businesses.

    Women in aviation work and fly out of Gnoss Field. The Marin 99s represent women in Marin County that participate in the Ninety-Nines, the international organization of women pilots that promote advancement in aviation through education, scholarships and mutual support. Women at Gnoss Field work as flight instructors and aircraft mechanics at several of the airport businesses.