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For Immediate Release
October 08, 2014

More County Budget Details Now Online

With, public can track revenues and expenses more easily

San Rafael, CA – The County of Marin and OpenGov announce the release of a new web-based tool that dynamically presents the County’s revenues and expenses — from multiyear trends to line item level detail.

By leveraging the OpenGov platform, residents can use the website to have access and a better understanding of the County’s budget. Marin is one of the first counties in the state of California to publicly release its financial data on the OpenGov platform. The public is invited to explore the Marin OpenGov site and get a feel for a new level of accessibility.

Marin County Administrator Matthew Hymel initiated the partnership to foster more comprehension of the County’s finances.

“We believe opening our books and increasing transparency is a good thing for everyone,” Hymel said. “Although our budgets have been available online for years, this new platform is user-friendly, interactive and easy to follow.”

"OpenGov allows Marin residents to explore and understand the County’s financial data like never before,” said Zachary Bookman, CEO and co-founder of OpenGov. “This is a powerful opportunity to create engagement and strengthen the relationship between the government and the community.”

Hymel said the County welcomes local input not just on the budget process but on all matters. “Our goal is to be open and transparent,” he said. “The more informed our residents are about what we do, the better off we are.”

OpenGov offers web-based software for state and local government finances. The platform provides instant access to the budget and graphically displays current and historic revenues and expenses. Government officials and citizens use the platform to understand, analyze, and share the data. Learn more at


Bret Uppendahl
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