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For Immediate Release
December 24, 2014

Probation Officers Conduct Unannounced Searches

No domestic violence offenders found to be in violation during compliance check

San Rafael, CA – The Marin County Probation Department contacted 17 domestic violence offenders on probation Tuesday, December 23, during a series of unannounced compliance checks. No arrests were made.

Three teams of probation officers conducted unannounced searches throughout Marin between the hours of 5-9 p.m. The probationers were contacted and reminded about their court-ordered obligations specifically adhering to restraining orders and refraining from drinking alcoholic beverages.

“Domestic violence is the No. 1 violent crime in our county, and unannounced visits serve as a proactive reminder for people on probation to stay in compliance and to contact us if they need help,” Chief Probation Officer Michael Daly said. “Our goal is to keep families safe and encourage offenders to lead law-abiding lives.”

Offenders found to be in compliance with all conditions of probation were provided information about holiday stress reduction, victim information and hotline numbers for support to cope with holiday stress. Because of the compliance, probationers’ families were provided with a department store gift card. Daly said the families told the probation officers how much they appreciated the gift cards.

All probationers who have waived their Fourth Amendment right as a condition of probation are subject to be searched at any time by a probation officer or peace officer with or without probable cause and with or without a warrant.

Daly said the Probation Department continues to focus resources on community safety and provide the highest level of supervision and treatment to prevent probationers from reoffending.

“We stand ready to keep the community safe but we are just as quick to reward good behavior,” Daly said. “Giving gift cards to children in front of their parents really made an impact on the entire family.”

The San Rafael-based Center for Domestic Peace offers two 24-hour telephone hotlines in an effort to prevent violence in the home: men’s, 415-924-1070; women's, 415-924-6616. Find tips on reducing holiday stress at


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