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October 02, 2014

Up for a Challenge? Ready Yourself for a Disaster

Ready Marin program will change you from likely victim to a survivor

San Rafael, CA – An 8.0 quake just rocked Marin. You’re lucky to survive. So, what’s your first move? What’s your second move? What about six hours later? What about three days later?

Unfortunately, not enough Marin residents have taken action to prepare themselves and their loved ones for such a scenario. Those citizens are more likely to be victims or needy and helpless survivors rather than spirited aides in the recovery effort. However, that can be changed.

Agencies throughout Marin County are participating in the Ready Marin disaster preparedness program that officially kicks off October 16. For the eighth consecutive year, the Marin County Office of Emergency Services is sponsoring free workshops all over the county to get residents ready for a major earthquake, wildfire, flood or storm.

First responders from many Marin agencies are leading the workshops at area fire stations, community centers and houses of worship. Participants will come away with tips about food, water, shelter and family communications that could save lives. Graduates of the two-hour interactive sessions have a much higher likelihood of being self-reliant and an asset to first responders for 5-7 days after a disaster.

Interested? Call 415-485-3131 or check for a schedule of classes and other information.


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