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For Immediate Release
July 01, 2015

Firefighters to Upgrade Their Breathing Devices

Federal grant allows Marin County Fire to overhaul key piece of equipment

Woodacre, CA – By securing a $688,438 grant, the Marin County Fire Department is preparing to replace its 13 plus-year-old supply of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs) with new devices.

Marin County Fire Chief Jason Weber received approval from the Board of Supervisors during the June 30 meeting, allowing the Department to accept the grant from the Department of Homeland Security 2014 Assistance to Firefighters program. The grant will cover more than half the estimated total cost of $1.18 million to replace all SCBAs, which look like protective facemasks attached to back-mounted air tanks.

“This is a much-needed upgrade, and we’re really happy that we have saved local taxpayers almost $700,000 by landing this federal grant,” Weber said. “I’d like to thank our staff members and partners who worked hard on this project. It’s a great investment. When our personnel are protected well at emergency scenes, that means our residents are better protected.”

Firefighters wear SBCAs to provide breathable air in smoky or noxious atmospheres. With their current SCBAs reaching the end of their usefulness, Marin County Fire staffers have pursued grant opportunities for the past three years to ensure the safety of its firefighters and to be compliant with National Fire Protection Association standards.

All fire agencies in Marin researched and tested the new generation of SCBA equipment to insure interoperability for personnel working together at emergency scenes.

Additional County funding has been set aside to pay for the remaining balance of $493,784. 


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