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For Immediate Release
June 23, 2015

Reminder to Revelers: Fireworks are Illegal in Marin

Have fun on the Fourth of July without endangering yourself and others

San Rafael, CA – With the Fourth of July fast approaching, Marin County Parks and Marin County Fire Department want to remind everyone that fireworks are illegal in Marin County.

Confiscated fireworks placed on a table.Safety personnel from local agencies, including the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, will enforce the fireworks ordinance. The law is in place to preserve personal safety, to reduce the risk of fire, and to protect natural resources.

Marin County Parks is especially diligent about promoting the rules at County parks and open spaces. The Marin County Code of Ordinances (Title 10 Parks, Section 10.08.020 fireworks) states: “No person shall possess, bring onto, set off or otherwise cause to explode within parks any firecrackers, skyrockets or other fireworks or explosives.” The Marin County Fair, which offers a fireworks display each night July 1-5, receives a permit from the City of San Rafael to conduct the nightly show.

Upton Beach, a four-acre stretch of Pacific beach just north of Stinson Beach, has been a popular site for Independence Day fun and, unfortunately, illegal use of fireworks. All illegal activities and behavior issues witnessed by parks and open space rangers will be reported to appropriate law enforcement or fire agencies.

Marin County Fire Battalion Chief Mike Giannini said many types of fireworks are labeled as safe.

“They’re still illegal in Marin County,” he said. “With this drought, vegetation is especially dry and susceptible to sparks of any kind. The wind can carry a spark further than you think. There is plenty of fun to be had without endangering our homes, our neighborhoods, our families and our friends.”

According to the National Fire Protection Association, thousands of people, most often children and teens, are injured while using consumer fireworks every Fourth of July. Despite the danger, few people understand or respect the associated risks such as devastating burns, severe injuries to eyes, ears and extremities, structure fires, wildland fires and even death. Yet many who use illegal fireworks do so without fear of repercussions or consequences.

“This is where some positive peer pressure would do us a lot of good,” said Brian Sanford, a superintendent with Marin County Parks. “If you see somebody with fireworks in Marin, it’s best to gather up everybody you can to discourage them and find safe ways to celebrate the holiday.”


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