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For Immediate Release
November 04, 2015

Agencies Collaborate on Probation Searches

Concerns about property crime spike prompts unannounced checks

San Rafael, CA – A recent perceived spike in property crimes led the Marin County Probation Department and assisting agencies to conduct 32 unannounced probation searches November 3, resulting in two offenders found to be in possession of property that requires further investigation. All probationers were found to be in compliance and no arrests were made.

Four probation officers in uniform look at instructions on a clipboard prior to making unannounced checks on probationers.

More than 20 probation officers took part in the searches along with street crimes officers from the Novato and San Rafael police departments. The searches took place in unincorporated Marin County, San Rafael, Novato, Fairfax, San Anselmo and Ross. Deputy Probation Officer Heather Donoho, who developed the operation, said the officers were looking for stolen property, checks, credit cards and tools specifically used to commit certain crimes. Such searches take place at least several times a year.

Other probationers who were found in compliance or doing exceptionally well were rewarded with department-purchased gift cards and bus tickets. The operation was a response to concerns from Marin law enforcement partners about property crimes and the Probation Department’s focus on seeing people in their homes to observe living conditions.

The Probation Department will continue to make it a priority to reward offenders who have turned their lives around and are making positive contributions to the community while still providing the highest level of supervision to offenders most likely to reoffend.    


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