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November 30, 2015

Celebrating Successes of Marin Probationers

Those who’ve made it to ‘Wall of Change’ to receive ovations December 16

San Rafael, CA – So many probationers in Marin County have turned their lives around and thrived after renewed personal commitments that the Marin County Probation Department is celebrating their accomplishments with a special event.

The Wall of Change features small framed photos of probationers with their personal stories written in their own words.The Wall of Change is featured upon entry to the Marin County Probation Department.
Chief Probation Officer Michael Daly said his staff is excited to recognize individuals who, through education and perseverance, have made positive changes and are successfully moving forward in their lives. The event starts at 3 p.m. December 16 in the Board of Supervisors chamber at the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael.

“This is a time of year to celebrate, and we think the successes our probationers should be seen as gifts to society, their families and themselves,” Daly said. “Everybody benefits when people who have turned their lives around, makes the most of their second chances and becomes a high-functioning contributor to the community. A rehabilitated person is no longer a public safety issue, and that’s what we are all about.”

The recipients have all received credit through the Probation Department’s Wall of Change recognition program. Those who enter the Probation Department office at the Civic Center can see photos and short stories posted on the Wall of Change about probationers who have been committed to leading safe and sober lives and subsequently experienced stability and personal triumph.

The Wall of Change features the personal stories of about 30 probation clients. The display was designed to inspire new clients and prove that positive results are achievable. But Daly said it’s not only a commitment by the probationer that leads to positive changes.

“This is also a recognition of our Probation Officers and all others working so hard to create a positive environment and providing opportunities,” Daly said. “To be on our staff, you need to have the skills and mindset of a social worker, a law enforcement officer, a mentor and a trusted friend. It takes a special breed of person to serve in that role to support somebody who has had trouble with the law, with alcohol or drugs, mental illness or just had a hard life. All of our criminal justice partners and providers have a common goal and we have a deep and intense commitment to make our community safe while providing excellent service.”

The Wall of Change recognition event is open to the public. The Board chamber is in Suite 330 of the Civic Center, at 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael.

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