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For Immediate Release
October 07, 2016

Board Takes Positions on Statewide Measures

Ballot contains 17 state propositions; Supervisors render stance on 13

San Rafael, CA – There are 17 propositions on the statewide ballot for the November 8 General Election, and the Marin County Board of Supervisors has taken positions on 13 of them.

The Board discussed the ballot measures at length during its September 20 meeting and continued its discussion October 4. The Board unanimously voted to support, oppose or take no position on each of the propositions. The County website now includes a summary of the positions and the adopted resolutions on each of the 13 propositions upon which a position was taken.

“I want to thank the staff for helping us understand the wide range of issues that are being addressed through these state propositions,” said Board President Steve Kinsey said at the October 4 meeting. “I do hope the local media will pick up on this and that we can send a message to the community that these are important propositions that we either support or oppose.”

Details on all the propositions are found on the California Secretary of State webpage and in the 224-page official voter information guide from the State of California that can be found at many government offices. The Marin County Elections Department mailed voter pamphlets to registered voters earlier this week and includes information about all 17 statewide propositions, a countywide measure and a variety of local offices and measures.


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