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For Immediate Release
January 26, 2016

County’s Annual Report Makes Debut

Summary of progress from the past year presented via video, graphics

San Rafael, CA – The curtain has been drawn back on the County of Marin’s new webpage, video and infographics package that provides a brief summary of how it served the community this past year.

An image from a the video saying "We Balanced a $500 Million Dollar Budget"Nineteen departments in the County government contributed information to the annual report.
The multimedia presentation is a new format designed to be more accessible to residents. On, visitors can watch a short video (2 minutes, 10 seconds) of highlights and achievements, then break down the information further by countywide goals – Healthy Communities, Safe Communities, Sustainable Communities, Environmental Preservation and Community Participation. The presentation is packed with high-level facts and statistics that wrap up the accomplishments of the County’s staff.

“It is important that we share what we do in a simple and easy-to-understand format,” said County Administrator Matthew Hymel. “In the past, we’ve published our budget information each year and then distributed a written report to the community every few years. We hope this new format better highlights the important work we do.”

The County is asking those who view the video to answer a one-question online survey and share comments about the annual report. The County’s budget details are online as well.

“Lots of government annual reports contain long narratives that are pretty dull and don’t get much traction with residents, so we decided to mix it up and boil it down,” said Jacalyn Mah, an administrative analyst who designed the annual report outreach plan. “We believe the result is visually sharp, insightful and informative. Our goal was to make this package digestible but still powerful.”


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