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For Immediate Release
September 13, 2016

DA's Gun Buyback Program Deemed a Success

San Rafael, CA -- On September 13, a highly successful Gun Buyback Program was conducted at five locations in Marin County. 

All of Marin's police agencies endorsed and supported the implementation of the program. All members of our County Board of Supervisors endorsed the program and contributed $40,000 toward the purchase of firearms. 

Image of Gun Parts

In addition, I provided an additional $41,000 that I had within my budget center, which I had generated from public contributions. Going into the September 13 Gun Buyback date, $81,000 was available for the purchase of any qualifying surrendered firearms.

On September 13, 685 firearms were surrendered, which depleted the budgeted funds available for this year's program. The 2013 program was a two-day event during which we obtained 857 firearms. As you will see in the statistics, I have summarized below our 2016 one-day program, which yielded 685 firearms, surpassing the one-day average in the previous program. 

In fact, the volume of individuals appearing at the five surrender locations exceeded our expectations and the available funds were exhausted about two hours before the 8:00 p.m. closing time. At that point, we provided the public still waiting the opportunity simply to turn in their firearms without compensation and a number of people did in fact do so.

Here is a breakdown on the firearms and ammunition surrendered at the five designated locations on September 13:

 Station  Number of Guns Amount Paid 
 Central Marin Police Authority  92  $11,900.00
 Mill Valley Police Department  101  $12,500.00
 Novato Police Department  240  $24,000.00
 San Rafael Police Department  204  $25,600.00
 Sheriff's Substation Pt. Reyes  48  $ 5,600.00
Total: 685 $79,600.00

Number of Guns Turned in by Type:

 Totals by Type  Number of Guns
 Semi-auto handgun  169
 Semi-auto rifle  74
 Rifle  158
 Revolver  155
 Shotgun  119
 Other  10
 Total:  685

Number of Guns Turned in by County of Origin:

Totals by County   Number of Guns  
 Marin  346
 Contra Costa  75
 Sonoma  162
 San Francisco  27
 Other  12
 Total:  622*

*63 guns were received, for which no compensation was paid, yielding a total of 685 guns. It is unknown from which county these participants came.

Number of Ammunition Rounds Turned in by Station:

Station   Number of Rounds
 Central Marin Police Authority  100
 Mill Valley Police Department  0
 Novato Police Department  0
 San Rafael Police Department  855
 Sheriff Substation Pt. Reyes  0
 Total: 955 

The type of firearms surrendered covered a wide variety of models and categories. There were long rifles (bolt action and semi-automatic), shotguns, sawed-off shotguns, pistols, and semi-automatic handguns. I have included a photograph of a Heckler & Koch MP5 9mm sub-machine gun surrendered at the San Rafael Police Department. This particular firearm had a double magazine clamp with 15-round capacity magazines. The individual surrendering this firearm also surrendered two silencer attachments along with a few 30-round capacity magazines. Not pictured were an additional MP5 and a couple AK-47s that were surrendered. The MP5 is a fully automatic firearm used in the past by our Navy SEALs and clearly not a legal or appropriate firearm for the private citizen, and is an extremely dangerous firearm to have on our streets or in our homes.

I personally believe the removal of these 685 firearms from the homes in our community and our neighboring communities means there are 685 fewer chances that a firearm will be the cause of an accidental death due to the negligent handling by an adult or child; or be available to someone despondent and suicidal; or be in a home and stolen during a burglary and then subsequently appear in a criminal enterprise; or be available during an explosive domestic violence incident; or be available to an emotionally or mentally challenged individual at a time of crisis.

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