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March 28, 2017

Tap Into Rebate Funds for Home Efficiency Upgrades

Get cash back from regional program that encourages ‘green’ living

San Rafael, CA – Did you see your heating bills spike over the winter? If so, it might be time to replace your furnace, upgrade the duct system or install more insulation. An Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade provides rebates of up to $5,500 for making energy efficiency improvements to the home, and it is available for Marin residents.

A man from the BayREN home energy program points to a thermostat as he talks with a female homeowner.The Bay Area Regional Energy Network wants to make your home more efficient and help pay you back for upgrades.
Eligible projects include upgrading a furnace, sealing/replacing ducts, improving insulation, sealing the building envelope, and installing new windows. The rebate calculation is based on how much energy your project saves. The more efficient you make your home, the bigger the rebate.

Free one-on-one assistance is available by speaking to a Home Upgrade Advisor by calling 866-878-6008. The Home Upgrade Advisors are sponsored by the rebate program and offer third-party advice to homeowners that are interested in improving their home’s efficiency. They can help review bids from contractors, identify financing options, and connect homeowners to other incentive programs in their area.

The Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade rebate program is available statewide, but is administered in the Bay Area by the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN). BayREN is comprised of public agencies representing the nine counties in the Bay Area, including Marin. The Marin County Community Development Agency’s Sustainability Team is promoting the Home Upgrade program so residents can take advantage of rebates, lower greenhouse gas emissions and utility bills, improve the building stock, and foster local job growth.

Energy upgrades not only help residents save energy and money but also enhance indoor air quality, making homes healthier and more livable, and keep families more comfortable all year long. The rebates and personalized assistance from the Home Upgrade Advisor make it easy to enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency upgrades and get cash back.

“There’s never been a better time for Marin County homeowners to complete energy-efficient home improvements,” said CDA Director Brian Crawford.

You can get started by calling a Home Upgrade Advisor at 866-878-6008, or you can start browsing the list of certified program contractors at

Since 2001, the Sustainability Team has supported healthy, safe and sustainable communities while preserving Marin’s unique environmental heritage. The team develops programs to promote renewable energy, tackle climate protection, encourage green building, certify green businesses and implement energy efficiency in schools, cities and special districts.


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