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August 07, 2017

Give Kids Something Great to Imitate

Marin County celebrates Child Support Awareness Month with parental challenge

San Rafael, CA – The Marin County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) joins the State of California DCSS in celebrating August as Child Support Awareness Month. This year, DCSS honors those parents who make the effort to be an exceptional example in the lives of their children by giving them something great to imitate.

A woman reads a book with her arm around a young boy as he reads his own book.Child Support Services honors parents who make the effort to be an exceptional example in the lives of their children.
"Children imitate the actions of those around them,” said Alisha Griffin, State of California Director of DCSS. “From a young age, children observe the way parents behave, the decisions they make, how they solve problems, and the dedication they show to their family and friends. We are proud to assist parents in setting positive examples that their children will emulate and pass on to future generations.”

Last year, Novato-based Marin County DCSS distributed $8.4 million in monthly child support payments made by responsible parents within 1,425 Marin families. Marin consistently ranks among the top 10 California counties in overall child support performance.

“Making consistent and reliable child support payments to improve a child’s quality of life is an ideal way to ‘Give them something great to imitate,’” said Jill Francis, Director of DCSS.

DCSS continues to make paying child support even more convenient.  Options include paying online, by mail, by phone with a credit card or direct debit (through MoneyGram or PayNearMe) at several retail locations, or at self-service kiosks at local child support agencies. 

Marin DCSS does more than collect and distribute child support payments from parents. It facilitates the support process by helping monitor support payments, establishing paternity, overseeing medical support, and reviewing existing orders for possible adjustment to reflect the financial circumstances of the family. 

To help parents manage their child support case 24/7, the online Customer Connect portal allows parents access to their child support account to check balances, view payment history, see upcoming court dates and update their information. Register with Customer Connect through the California DCSS website.

To access child support services, a parent can complete an application online or in person at any child support services office in California. 

Remember, children are inspired by what their parents do, so “Give Them Something Great to Imitate.” You.

Contact information: 

  • Marin County Department of Child Support Services
  • 88 Rowland Blvd, Suite 200, Novato, CA 94945
  • Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM weekdays
  • Customer service: 866-901-3212(closed noon to 1:00 PM)
  • Local website:
  • State website: (for applications and a description of services)
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Jill Francis
Child Support Services

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Novato, CA 94945
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Email: Jill Francis
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