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December 08, 2017

Period for Filing Fee Petition Opens December 14

Candidates ramping up for June 2018 election

San Rafael, CA – Candidates for Marin County, judicial, state and federal offices on the June 5, 2018, Primary Election ballot may circulate signature-in-lieu petitions to offset their filing fees beginning Thursday, December 14.

A closeup view of the cover of the statewide primary election candidate guidebookThe Candidate Guide is available at the Elections Department office at the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael.
Candidates for county, judicial, state and federal offices must pay a fee when filing nomination papers to run for office. Filing fees are based on the salary of the position and can range from approximately $1,200 for a County supervisor to $3,916 for governor. Each signature on a signature-in-lieu petition has a value that offsets part of the filing fee; the more signatures on the petition, the lower the filing fee.

Judicial candidates, who must also file a declaration of intention, have until February 7, 2018, to file both their declaration of intention and their signature-in-lieu petitions. Candidates for Marin County, state and federal offices have until February 7, 2018, to file their petitions.

The nomination period for all candidates is from February 12 to March 9.

The Candidate Guide, available from the Marin County Elections Department, has estimated signature in-lieu filing fees for each office as well as other information for candidates who plan to run for office in June. Signature-in-lieu petitions and the Candidate Guide are available at the Marin County Elections Office, Suite 121, 3501 Civic Center Drive in San Rafael. Hours are weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For more information, call 415-473-6437 or check Follow the Elections Department on Facebook.


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