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For Immediate Release
February 13, 2017

Chime In On 2017 Road and Trail Projects

Public input welcomed by Open Space District

San Rafael, CA – Public engagement will be a crucial component of Marin County Parks’ proposed 2017 Road and Trail Work Plan for open space preserves. In its current draft, the plan includes seven projects designed to reduce the environmental impact of the road and trail system, improve visitor safety, upgrade critical access by fire and emergency vehicles, and enhance recreation.

A dirt trail winds through a lush green forestThis marks the second year Marin County Parks is implementing its Road and Trail Management Plan.
Specifically, Parks planners are aiming to improve sightlines on multiuse trails and excessively steep grades, repair fire roads, conduct vital restoration, decommission eroding trail, and augment the existing system with a 14 percent increase in bike-accessible single track trail.

“We’re about four weeks from taking our plan to the Parks and Open Space Commission, and it’s the perfect time for our visitors to participate,” said Max Korten, Director of Marin County Parks. “We’re happy to meet in person to review maps and think creatively with trail users. We encourage the community to talk to us about planning and design, propose future projects, and continue the conversation throughout the process so we get a full understanding of the impacts of the work.”

Parks presents the draft plan to the Parks and Open Space Commission on March 16. The Board of Supervisors will consider the plan in June as part of the County’s fiscal year 2017-18 budget. Horse Hill Trail, Gasline Trail, Hunt Camp Trail, Bob Middaugh Trail, Irving Fire Road, Cobblestone Fire Road, Alto Bowl Fire Road, and Cascade Canyon Preserve are all targeted for various improvements in 2017.

This marks the second year implementing the Road and Trail Management Plan, which directs use and management of roads and trails on the Open Space District’s 34 preserves. Major accomplishments in 2016 included a 20 percent increase in bike-accessible single-track trail and beginning long-term restoration on more than 12,000 linear feet of critical habitat and trails.

“All the projects we have our eye on for 2017 would improve recreational access and reduce the environmental footprint of our road and trail system,” Korten said.

For more information, contact Senior Natural Resources Planner Jon Campo at 415-473-2686 or Chief of Planning and Acquisition Carl Somers at 415-473-2820.


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