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For Immediate Release
November 30, 2018

With All Votes Recorded, Election is Certified

Registrar and staff finish 1 percent manual tally to complete the canvass

San Rafael, CA – With one final update of its online results webpage, the Marin County Elections Department finished its tally for the November 6 Statewide General Election and the Registrar of Voters Lynda Roberts certified the election on November 30.

About 20 members of the Elections Department staff pose outside their office.The Elections Department staff members outside their Civic Center office after completing the tally for the November 6 Statewide General Election.
Voter turnout was 82.44 percent, a Marin record for a midterm election and more than 22 percentage points higher than the 2014 midterm election. Of 160,634 registered voters, 132,434 ballots were verified and processed in this election.

Some 1,074 ballots lacked a signature on their vote-by-mail envelope or had a signature that did not match the one on record with the Elections Department. Consistent with recent state legislation (Senate Bill 759), Marin voters who submitted ballots with signature issues were notified by mail and had until 5 p.m. Wednesday to verify their signature. There were 582 voters who did so, and those ballots have now been processed, verified and counted.

In addition, the 1 percent manual tally, which started on Monday, November 26, has also been completed. The mandated hand count of a random sample of 1 percent of the precincts and vote-by-mail ballots in the election is required to verify that voting machines accurately counted ballots. A complete description of the post-election canvass, including the manual tally process, is found at

The final tally will be reported to the Secretary of State by December 6 and will be formally ratified by the Board of Supervisors at its December 11 meeting.

Additional information about election results reporting and processing vote-by-mail and provisional ballots can be found on the California Secretary of State’s website.

“We had the ‘Dream Team’ for this election,” Roberts said. “Their dedication to the process was phenomenal. They really stepped up every time I asked for more – more overtime and more weekends, including the Veterans Day holiday. The voters of Marin County can feel confident that this election was conducted professionally and thoroughly.”


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