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For Immediate Release
September 19, 2018

1 Arrest in County Probation DUI Sweep

Occasional compliance checks increase awareness and improve public safety

San Rafael, CA – With assistance from Novato police, the Marin County Probation Department conducted more than 40 unannounced probation searches of residences in Marin County on the evening of Tuesday, September 18. There was one arrest.

In the foreground, a Breathalyzer reading shows an illegal blood-alcohol level as a probationer with a blurred-out face sits in the background.A probationer's blood-alcohol level is shown to exceed the legal limit.
The searches were conducted in Novato, San Rafael, Point Reyes, Inverness and Fairfax. Probation officers were assisted by Novato Police Department officers as part of an ongoing effort to enforce court orders and compliance to ensure community safety in regard to people who have multiple offenses of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Deputy Probation Officers Gina Muzio, Hugo Moreano and Heather Damato led the operation with focus on offenders who may be considered dangerous to the others should they consume alcohol and have access to a motor vehicle.

Searches of the person, their vehicles, residence and anything else under their control were conducted specifically looking for alcohol usage or possession. Deputies checked to see if a court-ordered ignition interlock device was properly installed on all vehicles the person may use. The probationers were subjected to a random drug test as well.

One female defendant was found to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of contact and was arrested. In another matter, the Probation officers will conduct more investigation because the woman failed to report her new address to her supervising deputy. Information gained through one interview stated the woman has been drinking and driving daily. Deputy Andrew Guidi led investigators to the woman’s new residence; she was not home but the officers gained entry through a roommate. The woman was alleged to be patronizing a bar in San Francisco that evening. Further investigation revealed the probationer’s vehicle did not have an interlock device, constituting a violation of her court orders.

Of the approximately 40 home visits Tuesday evening, 25 defendants were contacted and found to be in compliance and were acknowledged for following court orders. The Probation Department would like to thank those probationers who were cooperative and in compliance with their terms and conditions of their DUI court order. 

If a probationer is found to be out of compliance, the Probation Department uses graduated sanctions based on the severity of the violations. Sanctions could include being transported to the Helen Vine Recovery Center in San Rafael up to being booked into Marin County Jail.

Occasionally, Probation coordinates unannounced searches on adult and juvenile probationers who have ties with local gangs, have DUI cases and/or are considered high-risk offenders.

“This increased focus on DUI offender compliance is an important tool to ensure public safety related to injuries and death caused by intoxicated offenders and their vehicles,” Chief Deputy Mariano Zamudio said. “We have put our probationers on notice that we will not tolerate non-compliance and will continue our heightened supervision efforts.”    

Probation will continue to focus resources on and provide the highest level of supervision to the offenders with the highest likelihood of reoffending. The department’s main goal is to collaborate with the offender’s treatment program and make every effort to assist in with rehabilitation. The department offers a balance between public safety, offender accountability, rehabilitative services and restorative practices.


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