County of Marin - News Releases - 2020 Crop Report

For Immediate Release
June 17, 2020

Value of Marin's Agriculture Industry Up 4%

Agricultural Commissioner reports total value of products as $97,929,000

San Rafael, CA – Driven by strong production of milk, poultry, livestock, and wine grapes, Marin County recorded its second consecutive growth year in agriculture.

Stacy K. Carlsen, Marin County’s Agricultural Commissioner, presented his 2019 annual report to the Board of Supervisors on June 16 and said the total gross value of all products was $97,929,000, up 4% from $94,121,00 a year ago.

After declining production in 2016 and 2017 resulting in a 10% overall decline, Marin has rebounded in 2018 and 2019 with annual increases of 8% and 4%, respectively. The highest value ever recorded for the annual report was $111 million, set in 2015.

Overall, 2019 was a good year for most areas of agriculture which remains a vital sector in Marin County’s economy, stated Agricultural Commissioner Stacy Carlsen.

Milk, both organic and conventional, accounts for more than $35 million of the county’s total agricultural products value. Organic milk production was up 17% over 2018 with a value of $32.8 million, a nice bounce-back performance after an 8% decline the previous year. Conventional milk was down 29% to $2.2 million, an even bigger decline than the 17% slide in 2018. More conventional dairies have transitioned to organic production, which has resulted in lower organic milk prices.

Looking at livestock and aquaculture figures, there was a 34% jump in value for aquaculture (oysters, mussels, and clams), with the cumulative value at $6.9 million, and a 27% increase in sheep value to $2.1 million. Poultry production accounted for $20.3 million in value, but that figure  slipped 13% from the previous year. Cattle held steady with 4% growth to $14.8 million following a 2018 in which it experienced a 32% boost.

Other categories showing growth were winter feed for livestock known as silage (up 22%), wine grapes (up 12%), nursery products (up 5%), and pasture (up 4%). Sectors experiencing declines were hay (down 36%), wool (down 18%), and fruits and vegetables (down 13%).

The annual report includes updates on pest prevention programs, sudden oak death, invasive weed management, and the organic certification program. All Marin County Livestock and Crop reports are online, including the new one. Reports are sent to the California Department of Food and Agriculture to be included in statewide reports.



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