This collection of links contains useful information about voting and election resources in the County of Marin.

"What To Do If" Manual

Instructional information for poll workers.

About the Advisory Committee

Elections Advisory Committee: meeting schedules, minutes, and annual reports.

Become a Poll Worker

Information for people interested in serving as poll workers during a Marin County election.

Candidate and Campaign Filing

Research campaign contributions and expenditures or submit disclosure reports mandated by the FPPC.

Countywide Oversight Board

Marin Countywide Successor Agency Oversight Board

Election Advisory Committee Annual Report for 2014

Instructional information for poll workers.

Election Costs and Billing

Estimated cost of elections to cities, schools, and special districts

Election Policies and Procedures

Policies that govern the conduct of elections and procedures that the department is required to implement.

Election Schedule

Information on recent and upcoming elections

Election Write-in Results

Lastest or final write-in results for the current or last scheduled election.

Independent Expenditures

FAQ, applicable ordinances, and required forms.


Information on ballot initiatives.

Laws, Codes, and Regulations

A list of websites containing laws and regulations regarding elections.

League of Women Voters of Marin County

The League of Women Voters is a citizens’ organization that has fought since 1920 to improve our government and engage all citizens in the decisions that impact their lives

Local Measures

Information on upcoming elections.

March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election

Election Data and Common Questions

Military/Overseas (UOCAVA)

Information for overseas or military voters.

Past Elections Results and Information

Information on past elections — results, facts, press releases, and candidates.

People with Disabilities Etiquette

Guide to Etiquette and Behavior for Working with People with Disabilities.

Poll Worker Newsletters

Newsletters for poll workers.

Poll Worker Training Manual

Instructional information for poll workers.

Polling Place Accessibility

Polling place accessibility for voters with specific needs.

Polling Places

Information about past or present voting locations.


Information on recalls.


Information on referendums.

Register to Vote

Register to vote, update, or cancel your registration online; purchase voting materials.

Selecting Polling Places

Selecting Polling Places.

Statement of Economic Interests Form 700

Research the assets and income of public officials or submit Statement of Economic Interests disclosure reports mandated by the FPPC.

Transportation Assistance

Transportation options for voters with specific needs.

Voter Information Portal

Find out if you are registered to vote, where your polling place is, what districts you live in, the candidates on your ballot, and more!

Voters With Disabilities

Voters With Disabilities

Voters With Disabilities

Voters With Disabilities

Voting by Mail

Information regarding voting by mail.

When Offices Are Up For Election

When Offices Are Scheduled For Election