Emergency Preparedness

This collection of links contains useful information about emergency preparedness and services available in the County of Marin.

Disaster Council

To review, evaluate, and communicate to decision makers and the public on all matters pertaining to disaster preparedness.

Disaster Materials and Resources

Disaster preparedness materials and resources.

Disaster Recovery

Learn about resources available to you and your family.

Earthquake Preparedness

Helpful links and information on how to preparing for earthquakes.

Emergency Preparedness Educ.

Disaster preparedness training.

FIRESafe Marin

A site offering tips on improving Fire-safety awareness in Marin.

Marin Emergency Radio Authority

MERA: Collection of public agencies providing and operating a public safety radio system.

Office of Emergency Services

Provides emergency management services for the County/Operational Area.

Prepare for your Pets

Information on the Humane Society's plan for animals during and after a disaster.

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

Supplemental emergency communications.

Reducing Your Risks

Find quality ideas and information on how to reduce you risks during a disaster.

Vulnerable Persons

Seniors and special needs persons disaster preparedness training information.